lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020


This is a friendly challenge to learn about our hobby and have fun.

You are invited to develop a philatelic exhibit about the topic


This broad theme includes pandemics, medicine, economic and historical context, apocalyptic scenarios, hope, as well as postal services in the event of epidemics and emergencies, among others.

The exhibit may be developed within any of these classes: Traditional, Thematic, Postal History and Open Class.

Collectors can use both their own materials as well as images from the internet or from other publications; the items shown must be actual objects, even if they are not owned by the exhibitor.

To ensure fairness, the collection must not have been previously shown.

It may be presented in any language, on 16 letter size sheets (21.59 x 27.94 cm), 8 double letter size sheets (43.18 x 27.94 cm) or on 12 sheets of 28.78 x 27.94 cm.

Only one submission is admissible per participant.

Organizers are not allowed to exhibit (except as non competitive).

To participate, it will suffice to simply express your interest. Please send an e-mail to, by April 5 2020. Neither a written application nor the title of the exhibit are required in advance.

Kindly consider that the admission quota is limited and that the organizers reserve the right to accept entries.

The submission deadline for those accepted is May 9. Each participant must send their collection to the email indicated above in PDF, Word or Power Point format.

As of May 15, all entries will be publicly available online.

Voting will be open from this date to May 20, to determine the top three. Everyone who submits an exhibit will have the right to vote. Each participant will rate collections from 1 to 5, assigning 5 points to the one they consider should be in first place. The collection with the highest total of points will be the winner, and so on.

A prize sponsored by the organizers will be awarded to the winner, and will be presented at a dinner, at the first opportunity.

Any queries will be settled by the organizers.

Thanks to Alfonso Molina for offering MO and MO Games Inc. as sponsors of this event.


Luis Fernando Díaz
David Braun
Juan Pablo Aguilar

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