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Georg Maier

Sometimes in the 1990’s Paraguay decided to issue postcards and aerograms a practice which continued until the early years of 2000. Unfortunately, the issue of this modern stationery was not accompanied by official documentation on the subject leaving the collector with more questions than answers.

A postal stationery catalog of Paraguay edited by Brian Moorhouse in 2003 provide us with a glimpse of what was issued and it is hoped that the following will provide another glimpse or two of what additional material saw the light of day in the following years.

The first series in consideration is possibly composed of four different cards of which we have seen three. They have a photographic view pasted onto the reverse side showing on the first card a locomotive on the third card the Government Palace and on the fourth card a butterfly. The second card, if any, is unknown to us. The cards show a cartoon type boxed “mailing face” in the upper right “stamp” corner and are inscribed “FRANQUEO PAGADO / PORTE PAYE”.

A further inscription “CORREO PARAGUAYO” is noted at top center in a vertical position. The latter inscription is seen on all three cards although the third card exists also without the inscription. Both inscriptions were applied after the views were pasted on the reverse side – the indication of the letters is clearly noticeable on the photograph. No value is marked on the cards but they appear to encompass all franking possibilities. Of the few used copies in my possession, apparently of filatelic usage, some are registered without additional postage added. The cards have on imprint at center “Ediciones YBY PORÁ – FOTO FELIPE BERNIER – DERECHOS RESERVADOS”. Similar cards exist without the “paid” stamp. The three cards with mounted views in our possession are as follows:


These cards should all be considered rare, in particular card No. 1.

There exist a second set of four printed cards which may have appeared somewhat later. As in the first set these have the same “FRANQUEO PAGADO / PORTE PAYE” and in the right upper corner a broken line  “stamp box” with the text “Dirección / DE / CORREOS / PARAGUAY” inside. The cards show no value. In the center, reading vertically upwards is imprinted “JCR, PUBLICIDAD SRL – FONO 497-367- FOTO DE VICTOR ALVAREZ”. The following unnumbered views are known:

- Asunción desde la Bahía.
- Catedral de Asunción.
- Lago de Ypacaraí – San Bernardino
- Misiones Jesuíticas de Trinidad

Again, as in the first set, the postage paid seems to cover all destinations including registration. We would like to have on input from our readers if other views of this series exist. At any rate they seem to be somewhat more common than the first set of views.

Finally, there are also two aerograms with a view known from this period. These show a circular “FRANQUEADO / PORT PAYE / PAGADO” stamp at top right and a view on the front left and two on the back.  On the back, the aerograms are both marked as “Series B” and numbered, also they are marked “FOTOS DIGETUR VA”.

The views on each aerogram are as follows:

Serie B: Panteón de los Héroes (front), Ruinas Jesuíticas de Trinidad / Vista Asunción (back).

Serie B: Lago Ypacaraí (front), Río Paraná / Lago Ypoa (back).

Six more pre-franked aerograms and covers were issued intermittently around the turn of the century showing the following characteristics:

1. One, 180 x 95 mm. showing at top left “Aerograma / Aerogrammé” in two lines and at top right “Paraguay / Corazón de América” in two lines and “Franqueo Pagado / Port Paye” in two lines. On the left side is pictured the Express mail Office of the Paraguayan Post Office and on the right there is a space for the address. On the back it shows “Dirección General de Correos / Asunción Paraguay” and a numbered Series A. Below a photo showing the Asuncion Skyline and the river front.

2. The second aerogram is 200 x 110 mm. It shows on the left side a flower oil painting, in the middle top it say “Correo Paraguayo” and at right top “Aerograma / Aerogramme Serie No. 022432” GS (Guaraníes 3000) and a circled “FRNAQUEO PAGADO / PORTE PAYE” and “Internacional”. Why it indicates a value and a prepaid stamp is unknown.

3. Finally, there where four pre franked covers issued possibly in the year 2000, two for national and two for international mail. The national covers are 154 x 118 mm. The first is white and shows at top left a nativity scene; the second is light blue and shows at top left one outline of a on outline of a map of the Americas with an envelope superimposed. Both show an identical stamp at top right with a globe and a cover superimposed and “Correo Paraguayo” and “Trabajando para servirle mejor” below. Outside of the stamp and below it says “Sobre – Prefranqueado Nacional”.

 4. The other two covers are 240 x 115 mm. in size. One is white and shows on the left a nativity scene superimposed on a map of the Americas similar to the national covers. The stamp is the same except for its size but says below “Sobre – Prefranqueado / Internacional”. The other is light green and shows on the left a map of the Americas with Paraguay superimposed. The stamp is the same.

 There issues are followed by a series of cards and covers which are franked, therefore not subject to discussion here.

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