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Alicia S. Gutiérrez
from Mexicana, Journal of MEPSI, July 1990
compiled by Jaime Benavides

I appreciate Mr. Pérez-Maldonado´s note in regard to my article on the forwarding agents in Mexico. A stronger illustration would have helped identify the marking he has. In any event, I own an 1867 stampless folded letter (fig. 1)  showing the forwarder's name, "Branch Schoenfeld y Ca./Monterey" in blue (37 x 18 mm.), not "Branch Schoenfeld y Ca.", as it was erroneously described by both of us. 

Fig. 1

Please note that Monterrey is spelled out "MONTEREY", with a single "R". The postmark on my cover is the double circle undated, scarcer than the dated one. It is a "Sello Negro" with "2" (reales) rate marking on the reverse side. It will help if size and color of the marking are reported. 

Fig. 2

The cover shown in fig. 2 is addressed to "Haugh y Co.", not "Haugk". These changes have been taken care of for an update on the Mexico forwarders.

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