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Georg Maier

A pedido de varios de nuestros lectores, publicamos la versión en inglés del artículo que se publicó en una entrega anterior de este blog, con el título ECUADOR: TARJETAS ENTERO POSTALES QUE NUNCA SE EMITIERON.

This article was translated into English of the request of some of our visitors. SPANISH VERSION.

In 1915, Ecuador issued two stationery cards which signalled the end of the classical period of Ecuadorian postal stationery.

Under the regimen of Leonidas Plaza Gutierrez a decree was issued in the following terms: "The oficially issued post cards are for internal use, in green color and a face value of two centavos will the bust of Noboa and the coat of arma of the Republic; and por international use yellow color with a face value of four centavos with the bust of Valdez and the coat of arms of the Republic printed in red" (Official Registry 845, July 17, 1915).

These two cards were issued and circulated.

The last potal stationery cards of the Ecuador classical perior, Novoa at left and Valdez at right

By coincidence, while looking for the decree wich called for the revalidation in red of the Juan Montalvo letter card, I found in the same decree (Official Registry 847, July 18, 1919) the following disposition: "Post cards for internal service in the measure of 9 x 14 cm., in green color, and a two centavos value with a bust of Noboa and the coat of arms of the Republic, and for international service in yellow color anda a four centavos value, with the bust of Cordero, and the coat of arms printed in red".

It is aparenta that the only difference in the two issues is the replacement of Valdez with Cordero in the international card of 4 centavos, everything else being equal. This card with the bust of Cordero, Presidente of Ecuador between 1892-1895 was never released.

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