sábado, 5 de enero de 2019


Li Hong

My new collection. First seen, this cover at NY2016 WSE, in the Larg Gold medal of Alfredo Frohlich collection. Arrange at the second page. I love it, because it is the first cover send from Panama to Guayaquil, Ecuador with the postmark! Today, It will be in my collection of Pre-stamp period of Ecuador.

The below is the Robert a.Siegel’s information about this letter. 

Panama, 1777 "PANAMA" with Condensed "PA" Handstamp. Bold Brownish straightline handstamp on folded letter datelined Feb. 19, 1777 from Panama to Guayaquil, manuscript endorsement "Franca a la mano" and signed "Castano", letter is in regards to a partial repayment of debt, light vertical file folds. Very fine a superb strike of this rare condensed "PANAMA" handstamp which is the earliest recorded use of a pre-stamp marking in Pnama. Only two examples are known ... The other recorded example, ex Camino and Goeggel, has a similar quality strike but is undated.]

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  2. Where can I see the contents of Mr Li Hongs exhibit?


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